March 2015, Singapore – Sweden’s No. 1 best-selling cosmetic brand Depend sets foot in Singapore with its very own in-home GelLack system, consisting of – Depend GelLack Obligatory Start Kit, Depend GelLack Colour and Depend GelLack Remover Oil.

Having already taken Europe by storm, this new generation of nail polish and remover is set to make waves in Singapore.

The Depend GelLack system is an easy and inexpensive way to achieve salon-perfect talons right at home. Easier to apply and longer lasting than regular nail polish, its unique removal process ensures a fuss-free and healthier nail experience.

A short introduction to Depend Cosmetic AB

The company started in Sweden in 1952 and worked at that time only with the hairdresser market until 1989. Then a new organization was born to build a product range and sales organization for the consumer market, where the main customers were in perfumery, Cosmetic shops and Department stores.

In Sweden, Norway, Denmark we have our own companies operating in each country. This is our home market, where we serve 2000 customers.

With a fantastic result on our home market, our next step was to develop Depend’s export business. Although there is tough competition on the Scandinavian market, we have reached the number one position in our focus categories: nails, nail care products and niche products for the eye area. The result is good. Depend products are sold today in over 48 countries outside Sweden.

Economy and Partnership

Over the last ten years we have increased sales from 10,000,000 Euro to 27,000,000 Euro. The company’s economy is healthy, and we have had a triple AAA Dun Bradstreet rating for the last five years.Depend is a company which always wants to focus on items that do not yet exist or need more attention. That is proved by the way that over the last three years no other cosmetic company in Sweden has seen bigger increases in its customers’ over-the-counter sales (in the total cosmetic area).

Know-how and Training

At the end of 2004 Depend Cosmetic acquired the biggest school in Scandinavia that trains nail technicians and nail manicurists. Its name is the Scandinavian Manicure School. This company’s knowledge and experience, combined with more than twenty years’ experience of training, is a perfect know-how bank.It is also the perfect foundation for developing the right products for the future.

Depend Cosmetic AB´s Mission:

It is our mission to successfully develop, produce and market a safe, modern range of products for nails and eye contours that is complete and innovative.

Depend Cosmetic AB’s Vision:

It is our vision to become a world-leading actor in our focus segments, which are special products for nails and eye contours, and to develop the right products for the future.